How does rising atmospheric CO2 affect marine organisms?

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Volume 12 Number 37:  16 September 2009

Fat Folks Beware!: All those extra pounds are not only killing you, according to climate alarmists they're setting the world afire.

Medieval Warm Period Record of the Week
This issue's Medieval Warm Period Record of the Week comes from North Slope Central Tianshan Mountains, Xinjiang, China

Subject Index Summary
Droughts (Global): Are droughts increasing in either frequency or severity throughout the world in response to global warming?

Journal Reviews
Disaster and Recovery of the Fringing Reefs of North Jamaica: How bad was the disaster? ... how strong the recovery?

Coral Response to Thermal Stress: Symbiont Shuffling Plus: Symbiont shuffling has a partner that helps corals survive bleaching episodes; and that partner is the coral host itself.

Soil Organic Carbon Response to Late 20th-Century Warming in the United Kingdom: Did soil organic carbon content gradually decline as temperatures rose?

The Impact of Elevated CO2 on Salinity Stress in Barley: How helpful is it? ... and how significant might the results be for world agriculture?

Crop Growth Response to Elevated CO2 in a Closed Ecological System: How strong is it? ... and what are the implications for deep space exploration, as well as for folks on the home planet?