How does rising atmospheric CO2 affect marine organisms?

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Volume 10 Number 49:  5 December 2007

Ozone-Induced Forest Damage in a CO2-Enriched World of the Future: Will it be better or worse than it is currently?

Medieval Warm Period Record of the Week
This issue's Medieval Warm Period Record of the Week comes from East-Central Tibet, China.

Subject Index Summary
Evolution (Terrestrial Plants: Natural Vegetation): We normally think of evolution as acting over very long spans of time. So can it do anything to help plants cope with the major climatic changes the IPCC predicts will follow continued rapid increases in the air's CO2 content?

Journal Reviews
The Statistics of Record-Breaking Temperatures: Can record-breaking high temperatures of individual cities be attributed to CO2-induced global warming?

31 Centuries of Drought in North-Central Minnesota, USA: How did the 20th century compare with the rest of the record?

20th-Century Streamflow in Canada's Winnipeg River Basin: What does it suggest about the region's likely ability to produce hydroelectricity throughout the 21st century?

Flies and Global Warming: How might the former respond to the latter?

Conversion of Tropical Australian Savanna to Closed Forest: How has it progressed, or regressed, over the 20th century?