How does rising atmospheric CO2 affect marine organisms?

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Volume 10 Number 28:  11 July 2007

The Hybridization of Reef Corals: Is it a viable strategy for adapting to global warming?

Medieval Warm Period Record of the Week
This issue's Medieval Warm Period Record of the Week comes from Northeastern Portion of Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming, USA.

Subject Index Summary
Climate Oscillations (Millennial Variability - North America): What do they imply about 20th-century global warming?

Journal Reviews
Solar Activity Signals in Chilean Tree Growth Data: How clear are they, and what do they imply?

Global Warming and Vertical Wind Shear: Effects on Hurricane Intensity: What do state-of-the-art climate models suggest about the ways in which these three parameters are related?

The Adaptability of Corals to Global Warming: Are they stretched to the limit on this one? ... or, have they not yet begun to fight?

The Effects of Elevated Atmospheric CO2 on the Growth and Freezing Tolerance of Alfalfa: What are they? ... and what are their implications?

Black Cottonwood Trees of Alberta, Canada: How "ready" (genetically speaking) are they to respond to potentially extreme global warming?