How does rising atmospheric CO2 affect marine organisms?

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Volume 10 Number 24:  13 June 2007

The Global Atmosphere's Aerosol Optical Thickness Record: What does it reveal? ... and what do the results imply?

Medieval Warm Period Record of the Week
This issue's Medieval Warm Period Record of the Week comes from the South China Sea.

Subject Index Summary
Glaciers (South America): What can we learn about the global warming debate from the history of glaciers in South America?

Journal Reviews
Summer Heat Waves: Will they really be exacerbated by rising atmospheric CO2 concentrations, as climate alarmists contend?

Soil Moisture Trends: IPCC Simulations vs. Real-World Observations: How do the two compare?

Atmospheric CO2 Enrichment Effects on Marine Picocyanobacteria: Are they detrimental, beneficial or insignificant?

CO2 Effects on Grassland Soil Microorganisms: What are they? And what do they imply about the long-term effectiveness of the aerial fertilization effect of the ongoing rise in the air's CO2 content?

20th-Century Accelerated Growth of Longleaf Pine Trees: A Belated Review of a Paper Published in 1993: Was the accelerated growth due to global warming, some other aspect of climate change, or the aerial fertilization effect of the historical increase in the air's CO2 concentration?