How does rising atmospheric CO2 affect marine organisms?

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Volume 10 Number 10:  7 March 2007

Temperature Record of the Week
This issue's Temperature Record of the week is from Newport, AR.  Visit our U.S. Climate Data section to plot and view these data for yourself.

Sustainable Well-Being and Atmospheric CO2 Enrichment: According to the chairman of the IPCC, the two concepts are incompatible. Real-world data, however, suggest just the opposite.

Medieval Warm Period Record of the Week
This issue's Medieval Warm Period Record of the Week comes from Nansen Trough, East Greenland Shelf.

Subject Index Summary
Soil (Erosion): Will the soils of a warmer and CO2-enriched world of the future be more or less susceptible to erosion than they are today?

Journal Reviews
A 900-Year Record of δ18O Data from the Pacific's California Current: What does it reveal about natural long-term climate change?

The Climate of the Karakoram and Hindu Kush Mountains of India: What's the climate doing there? ... and what's it doing to the region's large glaciers?

A 119-Year History of Icelandic Sea Surface Temperatures: What does it reveal about the nature of the warming of the past quarter-century or so?

Real-World CO2-Induced Growth Enhancements of Oak and Pine Trees in Missouri, USA: How large and sustained have been their growth responses to the historical rise in the air's CO2 content?

The Productivity of China's Temperate Grasslands: How did it vary over the last two decades of the 20th century?