How does rising atmospheric CO2 affect marine organisms?

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Extreme Weather Events: Are they Influenced by Rising Atmospheric CO2?

3.1. Floods

Multiple researchers have investigated how flood activity has changed over the recent past and how this extreme weather event has responded to the global warming of the past several decades. Their analyses provide a means of evaluating climate-alarmist claims that CO2-induced global warming is leading to more frequent and intensified flooding around the globe; and they indicate there is nothing unusual about the flooding of the modern era. Large flood events occurring in recent times have many historic analogs in the past, when air's CO2 concentration was much lower than it is presently. Taken together, the material presented in this section strongly suggests that rising atmospheric CO2 is having no measurable impact on modern flood events.

   3.1.1 Trends of the Past Century

   3.1.2. Natural Variability Seen from Long-term, Centennial-scale Studies

   3.1.3. Other Factors Driving Observed Trends

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