Percent Photosynthesis (Net CO2 Exchange Rate) Increases for
300, 600 and 900 ppm Increases in the Air's CO2 Concentration:

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Tectona grandis L.f.

300 ppm
600 ppm
900 ppm
 Number of Results
 Arithmetic Mean
 Standard Error

Individual Experiment Results

Journal References

Experimental Conditions
300 ppm
600 ppm
900 ppm

Holtum and Winter (2003)

Grown from seed in pots with soil supplied with half-strength Johnson's solution in environmentally-controlled growth chambers



Raizada et al. (2009)

Photosynthesis of well watered and fertilized plants grown from the seedling stage for 60 days (one per 1.7-liter pot) out-of-doors in soil trenches either with or without decomposing organic matter as a source of CO2 and with or without polythene-covered frames above them



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