Percent Dry Weight (Biomass) Increases for
300, 600 and 900 ppm Increases in the Air's CO2 Concentration:

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Typha latifolia [Cattail]

300 ppm
600 ppm
900 ppm
 Number of Results
 Arithmetic Mean
 Standard Error

Individual Experiment Results

Journal References

Experimental Conditions
300 ppm
600 ppm
900 ppm

Kim and Kang (2008)

Plants grown from propagules in sandy soil for 110 days within temperate marsh microsoms located within controlled-environment chambers



Sullivan et al. (2010)

Total biomass of plants grown out-of-doors at Pellston, Michigan (USA) from transplanted rhizomes for one full growing season in separate three-gallon pots filled with a mixture of 70% sand and 30% commercial potting mix (consisting of 80% reed sedge peat and 20% sand and perlite) placed within 1.22-m-diameter plastic pools set in the ground within open-top chambers, where the water level in the pools was maintained at the height of the pots, resulting in 1-2 cm of water atop the soil surface



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