How does rising atmospheric CO2 affect marine organisms?

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Narsaq Sound, Southern Greenland
Norgaard-Pedersen, N. and Mikkelsen, N. 2009. 8000 year marine record of climate variability and fjord dynamics from Southern Greenland. Marine Geology 264: 177-189.

Working with a sediment core retrieved from the deepest basin of Narsaq Sound (6056.200'N, 4609.300'W) in southern Greenland, the authors were able to infer various "glacio-marine environmental and climatic changes" that had occurred over the prior 8,000 years. This work revealed the existence of two periods (2.3-1.5 ka and 1.2-0.8 ka) that, as they describe it, "appear to coincide roughly with the 'Medieval Warm Period' and 'Roman Warm Period'," while they identified the colder period that followed the Medieval Warm Period as the Little Ice Age and the colder period that preceded it as the Dark Ages Cold Period.