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Glacier du Miage, Mont Blanc, Western Alps, Italy
Deline, P. and Orombelli, G. 2005. Glacier fluctuations in the western Alps during the Neoglacial, as indicated by the Miage moranic amphitheatre (Mont Blanc massif, Italy). Boreas 34: 456-467.

Working in the shadow of Italy's third largest glacier (Glacier du Miage) on the southeast side of the Mont Blanc massif, the authors employed digging, coring and radiocarbon dating in inter-morainic depressions of the Miage moranic amphitheatre, plus deep-core drilling of an upstream palaeolake, to reconstruct "the main fluctuations of the Glacier du Miage during the second half of the Holocene." This work revealed the presence of four major glacier advances over the last five millenia, the latter two of which bracket an interval of glacial recession between AD 950 and 1250 that corresponds nicely with the Medieval Warm Period, which Deline and Orombelli explicitly identify by that name.