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Marcacocha Lake, South Central Andes, Peru
Sterken, M., Sabbe, K., Chepstow-Lusty, A., Frogley, M., Vanhoutte, K., Verleyen, E., Cundy, A. and Vyverman, W. 2006. Hydrological and land-use changes in the Cuzco region (Cordillera Oriental, South East Peru) during the last 1200 years: a diatom-based reconstruction. Archiv fr Hydrobiologie 165: 289-312.

The authors conducted a quantitative diatom analysis on a sediment core obtained from the small infilled lake basin of Marcacocha, in the Cuzco region of the south central Andes mountains of Peru (13.22S, 72.2W), in an effort to reconstruct environmental changes during the past 1200 years. Results indicated a major climate transition around AD 1070, representing "the most prominent change in the diatom record with a marked shift towards higher temperatures."