How does rising atmospheric CO2 affect marine organisms?

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Lake Ngučne, Gabon, Western Equatorial Africa
Ngomanda, A., Jolly, D., Bentaleb, I., Chepstow-Lusty, A., Makaya, M., Maley, J., Fontugne, M., Oslisly, R. and Rabenkogo, N. 2007. Lowland rainforest response to hydrological changes during the last 1500 years in Gabon, Western Equatorial Africa. Quaternary Research 67: 411-425.

Based on analyses of pollen and total organic carbon δ13C derived from sediment cores extracted from Lake Kamalété (0°43'S, 11°46'E) and Lake Ngučne (0°12'S, 10°28'E) in Gabon, Africa, Ngomanda et al. detected "strong fluctuations of wet-dry conditions during the Northern Hemisphere 'Medieval Warm Period' (1100-800 cal yr BP)," which were notable for their contrast to the more consistently "dry conditions during the 'Little Ice Age' (500-300 cal yr BP)."