How does rising atmospheric CO2 affect marine organisms?

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Lake Caveiro, Pico Island, Azores
Bjorck, S., Rittenour, T., Rosen, P., Franca, Z., Moller, P., Snowball, I., Wastegard, S., Bennike, O. and Kromer, B. 2006. A Holocene lacustrine record in the central North Atlantic: proxies for volcanic activity, short-term NAO mode variability, and long-term precipitation changes. Quaternary Science Reviews 25: 9-32.

General climatic conditions were inferred from "sedimentology, geochemistry, diatom analyses, magnetic properties, and multivariate statistics, together with 14C and 210Pb dating techniques" applied to a core obtained from the center of a small crater lake on the Azores island of Pico (3826'N, 2812'W). The MWP was broadly characterized by the adjoining "cooler/drier periods" of 400-800 and 1300-1800 cal yr BP, but was said by the authors to be most strongly expressed between AD 1000 and 1100, which is where we have located it.