How does rising atmospheric CO2 affect marine organisms?

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Alfonso Basin, Gulf of California, Mexico
Perez-Cruz, L. 2006. Climate and ocean variability during the middle and late Holocene recorded in laminated sediments from Alfonso Basin, Gulf of California, Mexico. Quaternary Research 65: 401-410.

Working with a laminated sediment core recovered from the Alfonso Basin in the Bay of La Paz (2438.12'N, 11033.24'W), the author studied the population history of the "equatorial" radiolarian Tetrapyle octacantha, which "is closely associated with warm subtropical and equatorial waters." This effort revealed, in the words of Perez-Cruz, that "two conspicuous intervals at AD ~910 and 1000 may be correlated to the 'Medieval Warm Period' ... that is consistent with the global pattern."