How does rising atmospheric CO2 affect marine organisms?

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Lake Toporowy Staw Nizni, Tatra Mountains, Southern Poland
Gasiorowski, M. and Sienkiewicz, E. 2010. 20th century acidification and warming as recorded in two alpine lakes in the Tatra Mountains (South Poland, Europe). Science of the Total Environment 408: 1091-1101.

Working with a 500-mm sediment core extracted from the center of Lake Toporowy Staw Nizni in the Tatra Mountains of Southern Poland, the authors -- with the help of a chronology based on 210Pb and 14C measurements -- developed temporal histories of organic matter content and hosts of diatoms (representing 125 taxa belonging to 23 genera) and Cladocera (representing 14 taxa belonging to 3 families); and these chronologies indicated that the lower section of the core, covering the period AD 1090-1370, represented, in their words, "the Medieval Warm Period, with a climate similar to the present."