How does rising atmospheric CO2 affect marine organisms?

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Lop Nur, Tarim Basin, Xinjiang, China
Ma, C-M., Wang, F-B., Cao, Q-Y., Xia, X-C., Li, S-F. and Li, X-S. 2008. Climate and environment reconstruction during the Medieval Warm Period in Lop Nur of Xinjiang, China. Chinese Science Bulletin 53: 3016-3027.

The authors analyzed multi-proxy data, including, in their words, "14C, grain size, microfossil, plant seeds, and geochemical elements" -- which they obtained from sediment retrieved from excavations made in the dry lake bed of Lop Nur China's West Lake (4027'129" N, 9020'083" E) -- in order "to amply discuss," as they describe it, "the climate and environment changes during the MWP," or Medieval Warm Period, which they identified as occurring between AD 900 and 1300. This work indicated that the peak temperature of the MWP was, in their estimation, "a little higher than nowadays."