How does rising atmospheric CO2 affect marine organisms?

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Lake Pieni-Kauro, Kuhmo, Kainuu Province, Eastern Finland
Luoto, T.P. and Helama, S. 2010. Palaeoclimatological and palaeolimnological records from fossil midges and tree-rings: the role of the North Atlantic Oscillation in eastern Finland through the Medieval Climate Anomaly and Little Ice Age. Quaternary Science Reviews 29: 2411-2423.

Working with a sediment core that was extracted in October of 2008 from Lake Pieni-Kauro in eastern Finland (64°17'N, 30°07'E), Luoto and Helama identified and quantified various midge assemblages that were dominated by chironomids, after which they reconstructed a 1500-year history of mean July air temperature from the Finnish multi-lake calibration model of Luoto (2009). The results, shown in the accompanying figure, delineate a Medieval Warm Period stretching from about AD 580 to 1280, the peak temperature of which was approximately 0.3°C greater than the peak temperature at the end of the record, which concludes near the end of 2008.