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The Pre-Industrial to Modern Borehole Temperature Record
Harris, R.N. and Chapman, D.S. 2001. Mid-Latitude (30-60 N) climatic warming inferred by combining borehole temperatures with surface air temperatures. Geophysical Research Letters 28: 747-750.

What was done
The authors analyzed 439 borehole temperature logs to determine the temperature history of the mid-latitude sector of the Northern Hemisphere (30-60N).

What was learned
As could be expected, the data revealed a vast array of results for the many sites, with some even depicting cooling over the past two centuries. In the mean, however, in the words of the authors, "our analysis indicates 0.7 0.1C of ground warming between preindustrial time and the interval 1961-1990."

What it means
The results of this study portray a warming well in line with what would be expected as the earth recovered from the global chill of the Little Ice Age.