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Trees (Types: Oak)

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Trees (Types: Oak)

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* -- Atmospheric CO2 Helps Oak Trees Recover from Natural Disasters

* -- Effects of Branch Warming on Tall, Mature Oak Trees

* -- The Impact of Elevated CO2 on Bur Oak Response to Drought

* -- Can Elevated CO2 Enhance Woody-Plant Seedling Establishment in Treeless Grasslands?

* -- Leaf Photosynthetic Rates of Mature Holm Oak Trees Growing in Close Proximity to a Natural CO2 Spring

* -- CO2 Effects on Cork Oak Seedlings Exposed to High Light and Water Stress

* -- Real-World CO2-Induced Growth Enhancements of Oak and Pine Trees in Missouri, USA

* -- CO2-Herbivore-Litter Interactions in a Scrub Oak Ecosystem

* -- Elevated CO2 Reduces Herbivore Damage in a Scrub Oak Ecosystem

* -- CO2 Effects on Isoprenoid Emissions from Oak Trees Growing in a Water-Stressed Environment

* -- Net Ecosystem CO2 Exchange in a Post-Fire Regenerating Scrub-Oak Ecosystem In a CO2-Enriched Atmosphere

* -- Effects of Elevated CO2 on Fine Roots in an Oak-Palmetto Scrub Ecosystem

* -- Influence of Elevated CO2 Concentrations on Oak Isoprene Emissions

Effects of Elevated CO2 on Oak Seedlings Germinated from Acorns Produced on Ambient and CO2-Enriched Trees

Interactive Effects of Elevated CO2 and Temperature on Quercus myrsinaefolia Saplings

Physiological Responses of Young Oak Trees of Southern France to Atmospheric CO2 Enrichment

Impacts of Elevated CO2 and Soil Nitrogen on Oak Seedlings

Elevated CO2 Delays Leaf Senescence in Oak Trees

Effects of Lifetime Exposure to Elevated CO2 on Antioxidative Enzymes in Mature Oak Trees

Effects of Elevated CO2 and Water Stress on Red Oak

Effects of Elevated CO2 and Water Stress on Red Oak

Interactive Effects of Elevated CO2, Mycorrhization and Drought on Oak Trees

Water Relations of Oak Trees at Elevated CO2

Responses of Oak Trees to Long-Term Atmospheric CO2 Enrichment