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Storms (North America)

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Cyclones (North America)
Storms (North America)
Weather Extremes (Storms: North America)

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A 2200-Year Storm History from North Carolina's Barrier Islands

Autumn and Winter Storms of the Eastern Canadian Arctic

The Recent Trend of Extremely Damaging U.S. Storms

Wind-Caused Catastrophes in the United States

Storms of New York

Damaging Snowstorms of the United States

United States Thunderstorm Activity

A Half-Century History of Tornado-Days in Missouri, USA

The Rising Economic Impact of U.S. Weather Extremes

Destructive Windstorms of the Canadian Prairie

Blizzards on the Canadian Prairies

Severe Storms in the United States

Thirteen Thousand Years of Storminess in the Northeastern United States

U.S. Blizzard Statistics (1959-2000)

Storm Trends in the Southern Beaufort Sea

Six Thousand Years of Sea Level Rise and Storm Activity in the Chukchi Sea

Gulf of Mexico Landfalling Hurricanes

Tropical Storm and Hurricane Strikes of the Southeast U.S. Coast

Hurricanes in Alabama

New England Hurricanes

Winter Storms in the North Pacific Ocean (1948-1998)

Temporal Trends in Thunderstorms

A Century of Storm Activity Along the U.S. East Coast

Observed Trends and Model Forecasts of North American Storminess

Hail and Thunderstorms in the United States