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Satellite Temperatures

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Satellite Temperature Data
Temperature -- Satellite Data

Material preceded by an asterisk (*) was posted after this subject summary was written and therefore is not included in the summary.  This material will be integrated into the summary at a later date.


* -- On Assessing Surface Air Temperature Trends

* -- The 13 May 2003 Testimony of Dr. John Christy Before the U.S. House of Representatives' Committee on Resources

* -- Splitting Hairs with a Hatchet: Climate Model Not Up to Task of Determining Real-World Tropospheric Temperature Trend

* -- More Reasons to Question the Veracity of the Global Surface Air Temperature Record

Recent Trends in Antarctic Surface Temperatures

It's a Complex World: Part 1

It's a Complex World: Part 2

Much Ado About Tiny Temperature Trends

Orbital Effects on Satellite Temperatures