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Precipitation Trends (Asia)

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Precipitation Trends (Asia)

Material preceded by an asterisk (*) was posted after this subject summary was written and therefore is not included in the summary.  This material will be integrated into the summary at a later date.


* -- A 500-Year Precipitation Reconstruction for Eastern China

* -- The Evolution of Extremely Heavy Precipitation in Shanghai, China

* -- A 2,000-Year History of Temperature and Precipitation on the Central Tibetan Plateau

* -- A Century of Rainfall Trends Over Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India

* -- Extreme Precipitation Events on the Loess Plateau of China

* -- A Half-Century of Precipitation Trends on the North China Plain

* -- Effects of Global Warming on Precipitation in Guangdong Province, China

* -- Extreme Snow Events Throughout Central and Southern China

* -- A 135-Year Rainfall History of India: 1871-2005

* -- Extreme Precipitation Events in China's Zhujiang River Basin

* -- A Twentieth-Century Rainfall History of India

* -- Japanese Rainfall: Predictions vs. Observations

* -- Two Centuries of Precipitation and Drought Data from Seoul, Korea

* -- The World's Water Tower

* -- Another Record of Asian Monsoon Variability

* -- Reconstructing 1000 Years of Precipitation in China

* -- Discharge Rates of the Danube River

* -- Fifty Years of Precipitation Over China

A 110-Year History of Heavy Precipitation in Tokyo, Japan

Indian Monsoon Rainfall: Effects of Global Warming

Reconstructions of Spring Precipitation in Southwestern Turkey from 1339 to 1998

Rainfall Trends in East Asia

Precipitation and Streamflow Variability in Northeastern Mongolia

Additional Evidence of a Solar-Climate Link