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Ozone (Effects on Plants -- Tree Species: Miscellaneous)

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Growth Response to CO2 with Other Variables (Ozone -- Tree Species: Miscellaneous)
Ozone (Effects on Plants -- Tree Species: Miscellaneous)

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* -- Elevated CO2 and Ozone Improve the Growth of Japanese Cedar Trees

* -- Elevated CO2 Ameliorates the Negative Impacts of Ozone Stress in Chinese Pine

* -- Aerial CO2 Enrichment Turns a Air Pollutant into an Air Fertilizer

* -- Elevated CO2 Overpowers the Growth-Retarding Impacts of Ozone on Chinese Pine Growth

CO2 vs. Ozone: Their Effects on Chinese Pine Trees

Does Too Little Nitrogen and Too Much Ozone Cancel the Benefits of the Aerial Fertilization Effect of Atmospheric CO2 Enrichment?

Ozone-Induced Forest Damage in a CO2-Enriched World of the Future

The Competing Effects of Elevated O3 and CO2 in a Hybrid Poplar Clone

The Competing Effects of Elevated Ozone and Carbon Dioxide Concentrations on Insect Herbivore Performance

The Competing Effects of Rising Atmospheric CO2 and O3 Concentrations

A 100-Year Forward Look at Net Ecosystem Carbon Exchange of an Upland-Oak Forest

Anthropogenic CO2 Emissions May Reduce Tropospheric Ozone and Methane Concentrations, Providing Multiple Benefits to the Biosphere

Are Rising Atmospheric CO2 Concentrations Protecting European Forests From the Adverse Effects of Ozone Pollution?

Effects of Elevated CO2 and Ozone on Oak Trees

Effects of Elevated CO2 and Ozone on Antioxidant Enzymes in Sugar Maple

Interactive Effects of Elevated CO2 and Ozone on Scots Pine