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Conterminous United States Temperature Trends

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Temperature Trends (Regional: North America - Conterminous USA)

Material preceded by an asterisk (*) was posted after this subject summary was written and therefore is not included in the summary.  This material will be integrated into the summary at a later date.


* -- A Six-Decade Analysis of Growing Season Temperature Change in Illinois

* -- 1900-2012 Warming of Washington, Oregon, and Northern California

* -- Effects of Warming on False Springs Throughout the United States

* -- 5,000 Years of Great Basin Temperatures Derived from Tree Rings

* -- One Hundred and Fifty Years of U.S. Gulf Coast Hydroclimatology

* -- Acknowledging Recent Natural Cooling

* -- "Rocky Mountain High"

* -- A Significant "Hole" in "Unprecedented" 20th-Century Global Warming

* -- Surface Air Temperature Trends in Central California, USA

Chesapeake Bay, USA: A 2200-Year Temperature History

Spurious Warming Signal Detected in USHCN Temperatures

On Assessing Surface Air Temperature Trends

Most of North America Fails to Board 20th-Century Climate Catastrophe Train

Climate and Alpine Ecosystem Changes in Glacier National Park

Urban Heat Island Effects Appear to Inflate U.S. Coastal Air Temperature Trends

"The Planet Is Warming Up!"

A Century of Climate Change in the Central United States

Extreme Temperature Days: Changes in Frequency of Occurrence

Unsuspected Urban-Induced Warming

In Search of Increasing Climate Variability

California Summer: Where Did It Go?

Three Centuries of Ground Surface Temperature Change in Southern Canada

Interannual and Interdecadal Climate Variations