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Health Effects of Temperature (Hot vs. Cold Weather: North America)

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Health Effects (Temperature: Hot vs. Cold Weather - North America)
Temperature (Health Effects: Hot vs. Cold Weather - North America)
Mortality (Hot vs. Cold Weather - North America)

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* -- Assessing the Risk of Temperature-Related Mortality in the USA

* -- Temperature-Induced Morbidity in California

* -- Response to Heat Stress in the United States: Are More Dying or Adapting?

* -- The Warming of Max and Min Temperatures in the US Great Basin

* -- Heat Related Mortality in the Metropolitan United States

* -- Extreme Heat vs. Extreme Cold: Which is the Greatest Killer?

* -- Deaths Associated with Unseasonable Cold and Warmth in Monterrey and Mexico City, Mexico

* -- Dying from Heat and Cold in King County, Washington, USA

Deaths Due to Heat and Cold in US Cities

Heat-Related Mortality: Economics vs. Climate Change

Impacts of Warming on Respiratory and Cardiovascular Deaths

Getting Better at Taking the Heat