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Biospheric Productivity (North America: Western USA)

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Biospheric Productivity (North America: Western USA)
Greening of the Earth (North America: Western USA)
Productivity (Biosphere: North America, Western USA)

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* -- The Greening of North California's Coastal Santa Cruz Mountains

* -- Twentieth Century Changes in California's Sierra Nevada Forests

An Extreme Urban Surrogate of Projected Global Warming

Growth Response of Ponderosa Pines to 20th-Century CO2 Rise

Woody-Plant Invasions of a California (USA) Grassland

Real-World Growth Response of Ponderosa Pines to Post-1950 Atmospheric CO2 Enrichment

Elevated CO2 Pumps Up Water Use Efficiency of Mesquite Seedlings

Rocky Mountain High: Ecological and Hydrological Effects of Increases in Atmospheric CO2 and Air Temperature

Water-Use Efficiency of North American Trees Over the Past Two Centuries