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Global Temperature Trends

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Temperature (Trends: Global)


* -- A New Refutation of Dangerous CO2-Induced Global Warming

One Hundred Years of Global Temperature Change: 1906-2005

CO2-Induced Warming or Natural Little Ice Age Demise?

Acknowledging Recent Natural Cooling

Arctic vs. Global Air Temperature Change

Global Temperatures: Driven by ENSO?

Climate Change in Copenhagen

Natural and Anthropogenic Influences on Earth's Climate

Old Trees Growing in a CO2-Accreting Atmosphere

Non-Greenhouse-Gas Anthropogenic Influences on Near-Surface Air Temperatures

20th-Century Accelerated Growth of Longleaf Pine Trees: A Belated Review of a Paper Published in 1993

Chinese Scientists Predict Imminent Global Cooling

Growth Response of Ponderosa Pines to 20th-Century CO2 Rise

Temperature Reconstructions of the Past Millennium

Atmospheric CO2 Concentrations: AD 800-2000

A 400-Year Temperature History Derived from Glacial Data

The Overdue-Glaciation Hypothesis

Errors in Solar Activity and Terrestrial Climate Data

A New Temperature Trend of the Lower Troposphere Derived from Reanalysis Data

The Industrial-Region Heat Island Effect

Earth's Temperature History: Putting the 20th Century in Proper Perspective

The Sunspot Hockey Stick

Was Late 20th Century Warming Really Unprecedented Over the Past Two Millennia?

On Assessing Surface Air Temperature Trends

More Reasons to Question the Veracity of the Global Surface Air Temperature Record

Are the Near-Surface Air Temperature Data We Possess Precise Enough to Detect a Component of Historical Global Warming that Can Confidently Be Attributed to the Model-Predicted Greenhouse Effect of the Past Century's Anthropogenic CO2 Emissions?

The Current and Future Status of Climate Change Science

"The Planet Is Warming Up!"

Six Thousand Heat Flow Measurements Can't Be Wrong

The "Unprecedented" Surface Air Temperature of the Past Decade

Temperature Reconstructions Based on Plant-Climate Interactions Are Inaccurate If Atmospheric CO2 Varied Over the Period of Reconstruction

Two Types of Tree-Ring Response to Atmospheric CO2 Enrichment and Their Implications for Reconstructing Past Trends in Earth's Surface Air Temperature

There Has Been Little Net Global Warming Over the Past 70 Years

The Global Surface Air Temperature Record May Be Significantly in Error

It's a Complex World: Part 1

Yes, It Has Warmed Over the Past Five Centuries

The Instrumental Surface Air Temperature Record of the Past 150 Years

Temperatures of the Last Millennium

CO2 and Temperature: The Great Geophysical Waltz

Earth's Climatic History: The Last 1,000 Years

Earth's Climatic History: The 1990s

Much Ado About Tiny Temperature Trends