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Biospheric Productivity (Asia: Other Countries)

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Biospheric Productivity (Asia: Other Countries)
Greening of the Earth (Asia: Other Countries)
Productivity (Biosphere: Asia, Other Countries)

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* -- The Last 30 Years of Plant Growth Across the Asia-Pacific Region

* -- The Greening of Asia

The Greening of India: AD 1981-2000

The Terrestrial Carbon Balance of East Asia

The Greening of the Russian Arctic Since 1942

World's Northernmost Forest Becoming More Robust

Four Decades of Russian Forest Growth

Tropical Forest Productivity Trends: 1982-1999

The Arid Lands of Central Asia in a Warming World and CO2-Accreting Atmosphere

The Inexorable Greening of Earth's Arid Lands

Different Patterns of Climate Change in Eurasia and North America Prove Plants Like Higher Temperatures in a CO2-Accumulating Atmosphere

The Effects of Temperature and CO2 Trends on the 1981-1999 Greening of North America and Eurasia