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Agriculture (Species -- Wheat: Biomass)

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Agriculture -- Species (Wheat: Biomass)

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* -- The Interactive Effects of CO2, Nitrogen Application and Water Supply on Spring Wheat

* -- The Response of 13 Wheat Cultivars to Atmospheric CO2 Enrichment

* -- Simulated Future Wheat Yields in the Azarbaijan Region of Iran

* -- The Consequences of Nighttime Warming for Winter Wheat Yields

* -- Future Winter Wheat Yields on the North China Plain

* -- Temperatures Rising in Wheat Fields? There's a Cultivar for That!

* -- Wheat Production in a CO2-Enriched World of the Future

* -- The Future of Wheat Production on the North China Plain

* -- Winter Wheat Yields in a Warmer Yangtze Delta Plain of China

* -- The Effects of Warming on Winter Wheat Yields in Semi-Arid China

* -- Climate-Mediated Changes in 20th-Century Argentina Agriculture

* -- The Net Effect of Predicted CO2-Induced Climate Change and the Known Biological Benefits of High-CO2 Air on English and Welsh Wheat Yields

Potential Effects of Global Environmental Change on Wheat Production in Western Australia

Future Wheat Production in the Midwestern United States

Winter Wheat Yield Response to Anticipated CO2 and Climate Changes in Central Europe

Seasonal Effects of Elevated CO2 on Winter Wheat

Climate Change and Future Crop Yields in Bulgaria

Cell Division in Wheat is Affected by Elevated CO2