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Agriculture (Species: Rice)

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Agriculture (Species: Rice)

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* -- The Effects of CO2 and Temperature on Rice Yields

* -- Elevated CO2 Improves Rice Yields Under Both Well-watered and Water-stressed Conditions

* -- Elevated CO2-induced Increases in both Rice and Maize

* -- Growth and Water Use Benefits for Rice Under Enhanced CO2 Conditions

* -- CO2-induced Grain Yield Enhancements in Three Rice Genotypes

* -- Elevated CO2 and High Temperature Improve the Growth of Rice and Chinese Yam

* -- Elevated CO2 and Temperature Enhance the Grain Yield and Quality of Rice

* -- Rice Production in India and Its Relationship to Drought Severity

* -- Climate Change and Cultivar Renewal Determine Rice Yield Trends

* -- Assessing Future Rice Yields in China

* -- High-Yielding Rice Cultivar Does Even Better in CO2-Enriched Air

* -- Rice Cultivar Responses to Atmospheric CO2 Enrichment

* -- Effects of Rising Atmospheric CO2 and Warming on Rice Growth

* -- The Effect of a Half-Century of Warming on China's Irrigated Rice

* -- Rice Production and the Looming Water Crisis

* -- The Future of Rice Production in China

* -- Purple Phototrophic Bacteria in Flooded Paddy Soil

* -- Rice Production in China

* -- Effects of Elevated CO2 on Rice Leaves

* -- Selecting Rice Varieties of the Future

* -- Super Rice to Match Super Atmospheric CO2 Concentrations

* -- Future Rice Yields in India

* -- The Variable Response of Rice Cultivars to Atmospheric CO2 Enrichment

* -- Breeding Food Crops to Take Advantage of Rising Atmospheric CO2 Concentrations

* -- Direct Effect of CO2 vs. Indirect Effect of Projected CO2-Induced Climate Change on Rice Productivity in China

* -- Effects of Elevated CO2 on Yields of Rice in China

* -- Effect of Elevated CO2 on Lodging in Rice

* -- The Growth Response of Rice to Elevated CO2 at High Air Temperatures

* -- A FACE Study of Paddy Rice Culture in Japan

* -- Can the World Produce 40% More Rice by 2030?

* -- Selecting Crop Cultivars to Capitalize on Rising Atmospheric CO2 Concentrations

Atmospheric CO2 Enrichment: Boosting Rice Yields of Asia

* -- Effects of Nitrogen Fertilization on Methane Emissions from Rice

Rice in Sri Lanka: Photosynthesis and Transpiration Responses to Elevated CO2

Rice in Sri Lanka: Its Growth and Yield Response to Elevated CO2

Elevated CO2 and Drought Stress in Rice

Elevated CO2 Increases Sucrose-Phosphate Synthase Activity in Rice

Elevated CO2 and Soil Nitrogen Enhance Radiation Use Efficiency in Rice

Interactive Effects of Elevated CO2 and Temperature on Rice

The Deleterious Effects of a Major Root Parasite of Rice Are Greatly Reduced by Atmospheric CO2 Enrichment

Effect of Elevated CO2 and Temperature on Rice

Direct Effects of Elevated CO2 on Dark Respiration in Rice