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Aerosols (Non-Biological: Anthropogenic)

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Aerosols (Non-Biological: Anthropogenic)

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* -- Soil Nitrites and Climate Change

* -- Climatic Effects of Aerosols Over Europe

* -- The Impact of Oceanic Ship Emissions on Marine Stratus Cloud Properties

* -- The Global Atmosphere's Aerosol Optical Thickness Record

* -- The Effect of Anthropogenic Aerosol Pollution on the Arctic's Surface Energy Balance

* -- The Thermal Effect of Anthropogenic Aerosols in the Arctic

* -- Dimming of Solar Radiation Received at the Earth's Surface: Global or Local?

* -- Pollution, Aerosols and Cloud-Top Temperatures

* -- More Evidence that Anthropogenic Aerosols Enhance the Growth of Forests

* -- Jet Contrails: Air Traffic Climate Controllers

* -- Anthropogenic Aerosol Uncertainties

Solar Radiation Reductions at the Earth's Surface

Uncertainties in Anthropogenic Radiative Forcing of Climate

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Assessing the Potential for Serious Global Warming

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Jet Aircraft Contrails Reduce the Diurnal Amplitude of Earth's Surface Air Temperature

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