How does rising atmospheric CO2 affect marine organisms?

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Enhanced or Impaired?
Human Health in a CO2-Enriched Warmer World

V. Conclusions

Although historical and projected future increases in the air's CO2 concentration and its wrongly-predicted ability to lead to catastrophic global warming have been universally hailed by climate alarmists as diabolically detrimental to human health, scientific studies clearly demonstrate that such is not the case.  Throughout the entire course of the Industrial Revolution, during which time the air's CO2 content rose by 35% and its near-surface temperature by about 0.6C, there has been no detectable negative impact on human longevity.  In fact, human lifespan has concurrently experienced an almost unbelievable increase that shows no signs of ultimately leveling off or even slowing down.  What is more, warming has been shown to positively impact human health, while atmospheric CO2 enrichment has been shown to enhance the health-promoting properties of the food we eat, as well as stimulate the production of more of it.  In addition, elevated levels of atmospheric CO2 have been shown to increase the amounts and effectiveness of disease-fighting substances found in plants that protect against various forms of cancer, cardiovascular and respiratory diseases.

In light of these many well-documented observations, it is abundantly clear we have nothing to fear from increasing concentrations of atmospheric CO2 and global warming, i.e., the "twin evils" of the extreme environmental movement.  Indeed, these phenomena would appear to be our friends and friends of the entire biosphere.