How does rising atmospheric CO2 affect marine organisms?

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Center Experiment #3: Setup Directions


Setup Directions

Real-Time Results

Final Results


Our third experiment explores the effects of atmospheric CO2 concentration on the growth of the common garden pea.  It also uses Pothos plants as biological "sponges" to remove CO2 from the air of the poor man's biospheres we use, which thereby helps us develop the range of different atmospheric CO2 concentrations we need.

In preparation for this third study the following items are needed for each experimental unit: two ten-gallon aquariums, eight 3-liter plastic soda pop bottles, 30 pounds of natural aquarium gravel, 30 pounds of sand, two 20-inch strip-lights containing standard 15-watt fluorescent light bulbs, 30 inches of silicone air tubing, a Pothos plant from which four good leaves can be obtained, two pencils, some cellophane and duct tape, and two Tetra CO2 test kits (or one LaMotte kit).

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